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OFF-WHITE x Nike has been brewing for a long time the joint planning today finally opened a mysterious veil, structural remodeling in the classic type of shoes up to 10 models, brought to subvert the traditional visual impact. The also has long been the major part of the real star Icon on foot, the date of sale will set file in September this year. and the name of this huge project is now officially released, Nike x Virgil Abloh "The Ten" will be "revealed REVEALING" and "double GHOSTING" two themes, covering the upcoming ten new shoes. NIKE AIR Zoom Vaporfly VMAN.NET.CN 4% single shoes $350Buy The Air Jordan 1 Nike Air package, Max 90, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid. more than five shoes have been exposed, and by Virgil Abloh himself to m cheap jordan shoes for men any friends. Through the manual cut, inject exaggerated car line, dazzling orange OEM and unique plastic band and other unique techniques, so that the details of the shoes look at a glance and find everything fresh and new. The Ten:Air Jordan 1 x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air Max 90 x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air Presto x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air VaporMax x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Blazer Mid x Virgil Abloh NIKE Nike air vapormax shoes $320 ghost GHOSTING Converse Chuck Taylor Nike Zoom, including Fly SP, Nike Air Force Low Nike React 1, Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97. NIKE ZOOM VAPORFLY ELITE running shoes $430 through the translucent material covering the body of the shoe that looks at a glance, the application of cohesion of traditional materials to mak Retro jordans for sale e it become a whole.8 21, ray diss ande Jett, merry love the smell you again! Today to give you the inventory of net friend is hot search Michael · Jordan. Today, Michael, ·, and Jordan's thermal search index are up sharply, with a search heat of 994. Gossip never stops, joy is more than that. Let's take a look at the hot topic today, ~ was photographed out of the hotel together. What did Jordan and his mentor do? I don't understand the story, NBA players are not parallel in the physical quality, they both on and off the pitch to the Speechless thehearts of combat, the other on the international league players are far behind, and on the day of free NBA players, field days will be the focus of the media, the God of basketball Jordan was photographed with a lady cheap jordans for sale mens out of the hotel recently, and this woman is not others, it is Jordan's mentor, Jackson's girlfriend, she is currently the buss, President, which people can not touch their brains. With the age is not small, but Jenny Bass is still the lover of many NBA star dream, and she had chosen is NBA of legendary coach Phil Jackson, who led the God of basketball was invented in the myth of different people. how much do you know about Michael ·? Jordan? And look at ~ with the small series Michael · Jordan, alias: Air Jordan (Michael), MJ, the God of basketball, Wang , boss birthplace: , Brook, New York, USA height: 6 feet, 6 inches, /1.98 meters, Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan), born in February 17, 1963 in New York, Broolyn, former American professional b cheap foamposites asketball player, division guard, nicknamed "Jordan" (Air). In the 1984 NBA draft, Michael · Jordan by the Chicago bulls selected in the first round of third, occupation career he played for the Chicago bulls and the Washington Wizards, rookie elected NBA rookie of the year. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan averaged 37.1 points for the first time, scoring the NBA scoring title for the first time. In the 1991-93 season, Jordan won the regular season MVP and finals MVP (FMVP), led the Chicago bulls to win the NBA Championship for the 3 time. In October 6, 1993, he was declared dead after his father was killed and announced his return two years later. In 1996, he was selected as NBA50 superstar. 1996-98 season, Jordan won tenth individual occupation career (10) NBA scoring, Cheap air jordans for sale fifth times (5 times) the regular season MVP, and again led the team 3 times (6 times) won the NBA championship, he was elected a total of sixth finals MVP. In January 13, 1999, after the failure of the labor talks, he announced his retirement, and two years later, the Washington Wizards again announced their comeback. Michael, · Jordan's career year in year outBrand Jordan was founded thirty years, in this special year, to pay tribute to Jordan Michael's legendary works of nature is not a minority. And in 1985 Italy Nike all star game when the scene is obviously not missing the classic moment of the game. This time, Jordan brand will with Michael. When Michael Jordan wore orange, black and White Jerseys as the keynote, collocation insole rebounds in the fragmentation Retro jordans for sale pattern decoration, to create a this air jordan 1 high og & quot; Shattered Backboard" don't note. Earlier we reported the news that the shoe will be returned by the end of 5 this year, but according to the latest intelligence, the release date will be postponed to June 27th, we will continue to pay attention to details. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel "dunkhome", "get", microblogging "when clients", let more people get your life! source: nicekicksNHIZ x George Cox 2012 2013-12-08 22:30:57 NHIZ is a series of branch lines which are jointly sponsored by Japanese street brand NEIGHBORHO cheap jordans for sale OD and Hongkong brand izzue. NHIZ has always been the source of military style design. This autumn and winter NHIZ brought us a pair of full British style shoes, the reason is that NHIZ found the famous British brand shoes George Cox as a partner with George Cox thick shoes classic blueprint, equipped with high-quality leather uppers to build, add a layer of black hair and Scotland tassel design, great texture. The shoes are priced at HK $2599 and will be on sale in September 13th.Adidas create a new outdoor hiking cross-country jacket 2013-12-08 22:37:38 Adidas series launched a new series of Orienteering in the fall of three in one jacket, this jacket will provide comprehensive protection for the wearer. The jacket is made of CLIMAPROOF Storm fabric, providing high windproo Cheap air jordan 12 ovo f and waterproof functions, providing long-lasting protection for athletes under extra harsh weather conditions, and more suitable for outdoor excursions under stormy weather conditions. In addition, the ZIP-IN CONSTRUCTION means connecting the inner and outer jackets with a zipper structure. At the same time, both inside and outside jackets use hooded design, convenient action. Down jacket into the underarm spandex fabric, with two hand pockets. Chest is equipped with zipper pocket design, in addition to the design of adding safe pocket, so that the movement of the goods placed more convenient. The clothes are made of 100% polyester fabric, and twill fabric is selected, which is light and comfortable. It is expected that this product will be on sale in November 1, 2012, and Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the price is 2898 yuan. 2007 Italy economy achieved a growth of 1.5%, slightly lower than the beginning of 1.9% the government submitted to the EU's schedule also lags behind other major western industrial countries, but overall still maintain a slow growth trend in recent years, especially has a good effect in reducing the fiscal deficit reached. The government's target. At present, Italy is in a period of economic weakness, the Prodi government should control the budget deficit, reduce public debt, but also to promote the reform of market liberalization, the subprime crisis in the United States lead to a slowdown in economic growth in the United States, the euro dollar exchange rate continued to rise and high oil prices climb under the environment in Italy, beset with tr cheap jordans online oubles internally and externally can achieve this result is not easy, is also reasonable. one, the overall economy is still slow growth trend in 2007, Italy achieved GDP (GDP) of 1 trillion and 284 billion 919 million euros (at the reference price of 2000), compared with 2006 growth rate of 1.5%, a slight increase of 1.9% over the previous year. Since the late 90s of last century, Italy's economic growth has slowed down and has been in a state of wandering. In 2007, the growth rates of GDP in other major Western and euro area countries were 2.9% in Britain, 2.5% in Germany, 2.2% in the United States, 2.1% in Japan, and 1.9% in france. in 2007, the import and export of goods and services trade in Italy showed a high growth rate of 4.4% and 5% respectively. The growth rate of 1.4% of domestic consumption mainly depends on the growth of household consumption (1.4%). 2007 Italy fixed asset investment growth of 1.2%, mainly due to the construction investment increased by 2.2%, the transportation and the intangible assets investment rose by 0.8%, 2.6%, of machinery and equipment investment fell 0.3%. as in previous years, the 2007 Italy economic growth is mainly driven by domestic consumption growth, the contribution to GDP growth of 1.1%, the household consumption boosting GDP growth of 0.8%, public administration and private sector spending contribution rate 0.3%. In addition, the contribution of fixed asset investment growth to GDP growth was 0.3%. As exports of goods and services grew more than imports, the contribution of external demand to GDP growth was 0.1%. According to industry division, the growth rate of GDP growth in Italy was 0.8% respectively, 1.6% in construction industry and 1.8% in service industry. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries are zero. two; the budget deficit and public debt improved )Kanye West and Kanye Nike to create the pinnacle of Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October is obviously each shoe fans dream of shoes, and let the limited sale is more precious. These problems are the eyes are custom shoes off small Case, this design will follow the classic Jordan Brand in Jordan Future to create a new remodeling this year. Still the eye-catching red for knitting uppers this pair of shoes and Air Jordan 11 outer bottom color, at the same time also lead metal shoes with luxury gold show, is also a Air Yeezy 2 charm? 1.jpg (46.93 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 2.jpg (56.19 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 3.jpg (41.02 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 4.jpg (48.44 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 upload 5.jpg (52.34 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 upload 16:23 6.jpg (51.55 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Red October customized version of 2014-7-13 16:23 Jordan Future Re0 upload.